Express or Comprehensive, this is the key to matching Role Fit

With Talentology, selecting the best Role and type of assessment (Express or Comprehensive) for your job is the key to helping your team to discover which candidates are most suitable.


Your first choice is which type of assessment to use.

Talentology Comprehensive covers 30 to 34 factors (depending on Role) that are collected into 8 groups. At 250 assessment questions, its depth and breadth is - you guessed it - comprehensive.

Talentology Express covers 16 factors that are collected into 5 groups. Its 48 questions are obviously easier on candidates, but its power for your team is incredibly strong. 

Your team may find that the Express works well for those jobs that have less of an overall impact on the organization - where risk is lower - while Comprehensive is essential for getting the absolute best picture of suitability.

Once you've selected the type of assessment, select the Role that best matches the job description. (We'll publish a list of  job titles that we've found best match each Role within Comprehensive and Express.)