Once a Job is created you can get applications in 2 ways:

1.  Use the Apply URL ... to do this, send the applicants an email asking them to continue the process via the Apply URL.

2.  Link to a Job Board.

Firstly, you need to get the email ingest mailbox that is unique to the job.

This is available on the final page of the Create job process or you can get is by clicking the Share button from inside the Job:

From here you can obtain the email ingest mailbox:

There is a button at the right that copies the value to clipboard.

For Seek, now edit the Job and find the Application Email Preferences:

Make sure an email is sent for Every Application.

Then use the Notify Others feature to include the unique matchdmail mailbox for this job.

As applications are received they are automatically sent to MATCHD Talent by Seek. MATCHD Talent will then ingest the applications and will email the applicants asking them to continue the process.

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