View basic stats and update status

To see the list of jobs that you've created, select "Jobs" from the main menu.

By default, all of your jobs will be listed, but you can choose to filter them by status.

To make things a bit easier, Talentology will remember your most recent filter selection so that the jobs you're looking for will be ready for you. 

You can also sort your jobs by Newest, Closing Soon, Oldest, and alphabetically (A to Z or Z to A).

For each job listed, you can see its title; when it was saved as draft, opened, closed, or filled; the number of candidates that it's received (if any); the number of shortlisted candidates, and; depending on the job's status, may have the option to update a job's status. 

Select any job in the list with candidates - in Open, Closed, or Filled status - to see those candidates' scores and ranking.

This may be what you look at the most within Talentology, so please let us know what problems - or ideas - you have so that we can continue to make it work better for you!