Think of it like it's a job board posting

The first step in creating a job within Talentology might look a lot like what you've seen when posting to a job board. 

The Job Title is could be the official job title or whatever title you think will be easiest for candidates to recognize. This title will also be what your team sees within Talentology.

Like the Job Title, the Job Description should be written with an candidate's view in mind. 

Note: If you're using Talentology at the start of your recruiting process, it'd be best for you to not link to a job description on another site where the candidate could submit an application before using Talentology.

With Job Type, select from Full Time, Part Time, or Contract. Most jobs fit one of those three categories; if yours doesn't, then you can mention specifics within the Job Description. 

In the Optional section, you may include additional information that could be useful for your team.

If your team has chosen to help clients with their hiring, then you'll see the option to select which Client goes with this job.

Some jobs as known by a (typically cryptic) Reference Number - perhaps one generated by another system or process - that can help your team keep track of multiple, like-named jobs. 

When you're ready to move on to the next step, click the button to proceed; otherwise you can save this job in draft status.