By reusing what your team has already created, it can take even less time to set up and share a job

There are only four steps to setting up a job in Talentology, but if you're looking to fill a similar position, then why not save some time? 

The Job Template

The big daddy of Talentology's templates is the Job template. If your team has created any jobs already, then you'll see a option appear at the very start of the create job process:

So, when you select "Use another Job as a starting point" you'll see any jobs that your team has created. (Job templates are created automatically each time you save a job.)

Choose a job that's most like what you need now, and voilà ... all of the main steps in creating a job have been checked off:

From this point, you're free to customize everything about the job. Nice!

The Culture Template

If you're looking to hire for the same workplace, then creating and reusing a Culture template is the way to go. Even if you start out by using a Job template, you can choose or create a different Culture template. 

It's up to your team how to name these Culture templates, of course, but we recommend that you include the name of the location, division, department, etc.

Once selected, your Culture definition is automatically completed. As with everything else, you can now tweak the definition to suit. (And if you think it'll be useful for other jobs, create another Culture template based on your changes.)

The Requirements Template

After you've carefully constructed the qualifications, skills, experience, and knowledge for a job, you'll naturally want to reuse them for other jobs. 

Just like with the other templates, once you select a previously defined set of Requirements, they'll automatically appear below. 

Naming Requirements templates usually follows the job title - or really any way of referring to a bundle of qualifications, etc. Using the name "Joe" might not work as well...