The big picture

Most often, assessments of any sophistication have been used at the tail end of the recruiting or hiring process. They've been (shockingly) expensive and often awkward to deliver, so it's made sense to wait until there are relatively few job candidates in your shortlist. 

Your team can use Matchd at any point in your hiring process. For example, every candidate could be assessed and ranked. Or, your knowledge can be significantly enriched about those who you've learned are the very best among your existing talent pool.

Here are the basics of how Matchd works:

  1. Set up your job in Matchd

  2. Share your job (using a link that's unique for this job) with candidates - by default, jobs are available for 30 days to process candidate responses

  3. Each candidate who clicks on your job link will be presented with its job description and, once they proceed, will be asked to create (or sign in to) their Matchdaccount in order to capture and protect their responses

  4. If you've defined requirements for this job, then the candidate will be required to complete your customized requirements assessment

  5. If the candidate is a newcomer to Matchd, then s/he will need to complete the Culture Fit (workplace culture) and Role Fit (psychometric) assessments. The Culture Fit and Role Fit assessments each use a standard set of questions for every candidate; how Matchd interprets responses to those questions depends on how a job has been set up. That's why candidates who have already completed the assessments can breeze through any subsequent job applications :)

  6. Once a candidate has completed all of the steps, their results will quickly appear within your team's Matchd account and automatically ranked - and re-ranked as more results are received - against all other candidates for your job

And from there? Feel free to wander around our help centre or drop us a line via our friendly messenger :)