Create jobs that help your team get the best results

So, you need to have your candidates assessed using Talentology. 

Where do you start?

Instead of just having candidates complete assessment questionnaires, Talentology uses its own definition of a "job" to package a variety of dimensions together into something that best represents the actual role that you're working so hard to fill. 

And what are these dimensions? Here's a whirlwind tour (but don't worry, you can dig in to these steps for more detail):

  1. The basics - job title, description, etc.

  2. The type of role/category that's associated with the job; it's this category that determines how a candidate's responses are interpreted by our psychometric assessment engine

  3. The job's workplace culture - a way of defining the work environment itself reflects the reality that the same role in two different workplaces can often require a very different culture fit

  4. Job requirements - which skills, knowledge, education, and qualifications are necessary. Since some teams already handle requirements in other ways and at other times, they're optional when setting up a job in Talentology

Once the above dimensions have been defined, you'll just need to review the job that you've defined and decide whether to save it as a draft or go right ahead to open it to receive results from candidates.

It's remarkably easy to set up a job, but very important to do so carefully. The more accurate the job setup, the more accurate your results!